Q & A with Aiden

Plastic Boy: Transgender Identity Unpacked

“Plastic Boy: Transgender Identity Unpacked” is Aiden’s most requested speech. In this hour-long presentation, he introduces trans identity, terminology, and issues, allowing participants to put a human face and voice on the transgender community. Aiden shares his story of self-discovery, including “before and after” photos and voice clips from his transition, and leaves plenty of time for audience questions.

Other Presentations & Appearances

Aiden is also frequently invited to hospitals and medical facilities to speak with doctors, nurses, social workers, and staff. These presentations give an overview of trans terminology, explain some of the unique concerns of transgender patients, and discuss the best ways to respect trans people.

In addition, Aiden is available for keynote speeches, conferences, panel discussions, K-12 assemblies, and motivational speaking.

Email aiden.james.k@gmail.com for more information or schedule an appearance today.

Reactions to Plastic Boy: Transgender Identity Unpacked

“I generally do not respond well to lectures, but Aiden Kosciesza’s lecture on his transformation of identity felt more like a story coming to life than a lecture.”

“Aiden’s talk was interesting, innovating, and captivating. His openness and frankness really helped to put the audience at ease, which made it easier for us to listen.”

“This was one of my favorite lectures of the year. His transition seems heroic, but he was simply doing what he could to show the world who he really was. … His attitude and confidence is truly inspiring and really taught me a valuable lesson about being yourself.”

“Prior to the event, I imagined that it would be relatively uncomfortable; as far as I knew, I had never met a transgendered [sic] individual and was relatively intimidated. However, as soon as Aiden began telling his story I was put at ease and genuinely fascinated by what he had to say.”

“It can be difficult to begin to process a transgendered [sic] person’s experience without some sort of personal exchange, and this event truly opened my eyes and made me think about my own gender identity and gender more broadly in a new way.”

“Out of the dozens of lectures I’ve attended as a college student, this was the best one.”

Reactions to Understanding Transgender Identity: An Introduction for Social Workers

“Your presentation was fantastic and the resource guide was excellent. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Great presentation – clarified terms/difference between forms of ID/gender. Really, really helpful. Thank you!”

“Very engaging and informative presentation!! Great resources!! Very easy to understand and open to discussion.”

“Very comfortable speaker on the topic. Articulate, clear and very organized. Excellent and informative.”

Reactions to Understanding Trans* Identity: A Workshop for Medical Professionals

“I very much enjoyed your presentation and can honestly say I learned something….vernacular, to be specific!”

“Thank you – very informative, great session.”